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  Wenzhou Port Cargo Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. under the Group, and China Wenzhou Foreign Liner Agent Co., Ltd., in which the Group participates with shares, can provide customers with shipping agency, freight forwarding, customs clearance, import and export trade, truck transportation, warehousing and other one-stop integrated agency services.
  Wenzhou Port Cargo Shipping Agency Co., Ltd.
  Business Dept.:0577-88188489  Fax:0577-88182983
  Freight Forwarding:0577-88169709
  Foreign Trade Containers:0577-88169716  Fax:0577-88169710
  Domestic Trade Containers:0577-88169705  0577-88169711  Fax:0577-88169708

  China Ocean Shipping Tally Co., Ltd. (COSTACO) Wenzhou
  Public Agency Dept:0577-88992562  Fax:0577-88992697
  Container Liner Dept:0577-88992639  Fax:0577-88992697