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  Wenzhou Port lies on the southeast coast of China with Ningbo Port the north and Fuzhou Port the south.In the southeast,Kaohsiung and Keelung of Taiwan are separated by the sea.It locates the Economic Delta of Yangtse River which is led by Pudong,Shanghai.The port’s coastline is 350-kilometre-long.With the superiority in geography,Wenzhou Port is one of the 25 main coastal ports of China and the center of offshore transportation and ocean shipping of southern Zhejiang Province,playing an important role in the integrated transportation system of China.

  On Oct.17.2000, Wenzhou Port Group was founded ,making the reform in separating between government functions and enterprise activities that was new in the port industry then.The group takes the management of the state capital and takes charge of the construction of public docks.There are 2,419 employees in the group possessing about one billion RMB assets in total.The group has 20 firms under control by different modes such as total capital,holding company,sharing company.The commercial activities range over handling container,handling mixed and bulk,transfer and storage, freight agency,tally,lighterage,passenger transit,car-ferrying,water and highway freight,accommodation of fuels and shipping materials,port services and so on.

  After foundation,Wenzhou Port Group has established the target “Wenzhou Port the Grand;Wenzhou Port Group the Great” by the government’s stratagem being “One Port Three Cities”.The group takes firmly hold of new opportunity to develop container-handling,to speed up CompuServe-information-system-establishment and to improve service which are based on the spirit “honesty,innovation,unity,strength” and the faith “To develop with our friends on sincerity;to persue perfect service on humanism” by earnest deploitation of modern logistics.And it aims at the developing direction of the world by enhancing the power.

  At present,the group takes possession of four handling districts that are District the downtown,Yangfushan district,Longwan district,Qili district.And we have business with more than 10 foreign countries and areas such as Japan,South Korea,Koweit,Russia, Singapore and Hongkong etc.We have not only the sea routes to Pushan, Singapore, Tingdao,Guangzhou,Ningbo,Shanghai,Yingkou,but also the one to Yangtse.In 2004,the throughput is more than 26 million tons and the volume of container handling is more than 210 thousand TEUs. The second item of Longwan District is constructed now which is invested about 200 million RMB including 2 10-thousand-ton berths.The investment for the technical reconstruction of the first item of Longwan District is 180 million. Two 25-thousand-ton container berths of Qili’s second item which will be done within 2005 with the investment about 700 million designed to deal with 300,000 TEUs.And we will strive for the approval of the projuect of Longwan Port logistics centre which is invested about 400 million and 73 hectares will be occupied with 1,27,200 sqs to be built.The first item of Zhuangyuanao deepwater district went into operation on Dec.27,2004 which is invested about 1.1 billion in total and a tract more than 67 hectares will be obtained from the sea.If the projects are all done,Wenzhou Port will achieve the power to deal with 700,000 containers per year by the end of the “tenth five-year program”.

  Amplitude prospect lies before us.As one of the three central cities of Zhejiang province,Wenzhou has many advantages and the time for investment in Wenzhou Port is coming.

  Looking forword to your coming,we will go for our brilliant future with our friends hand by hand.